Fixing Gnome keyring / Login Keyring: “Enter Password to Unlock” issue

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Hi everyone, this is just a quick how-to on handling the Ubuntu Maverick/Gnome Login Keyring issue which occurs when you change your user password.

The issue: You’ve decided to change your password for whatever reason and suddenly you’re presented with the following message whenever you launch an application you have instructed to “remember” your password.

Enter password to unlock your login keyring
The password you use to log in to your computer no longer matches that of your login keyring.

This is how you fix it:

Step 1: Go to System >> Preferences >> Passwords and Encryption Keys.
Step 2: If not already open, click on the “Passwords” tab.
Step 3: Right click on: “Passwords: Login“.
Step 4: From the context menu select: “Change Password“.
Step 5: Enter the Current password in the “Old Password” field.
Step 6: Enter the password you would like to change it to in the “Password” field.
Step 7: Enter the password you would like to change to again in the “Confirm” field.
Step 8: Click “OK“.

After this, relaunch the application which uses Gnome Keyring, you may have to re-enter your password, but after that, Gnome Keyring should remember your password for each subsequent launch.

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  1. Tom says:

    I can not remember the original password I used when I installed Linux Mint 11. How can I remedy this so that I can get rid of this keyring login problem?

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