How to fix things when Ubuntu Unity Dock Gets Stuck

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Upgraded to Ubuntu 11.x yet? I have, and while I was not a big fan of 11.04 (believe me, I was looking for alternatives), when 11.10 came and I’m back on the Ubuntu fanboy bandwagon!

They smoothed out the UX something severe! Unity was a lot smoother and less clunky and it felt a lot more natural working with it than it did with 11.04 – I can’t pinpoint what the difference is exactly, but, generally speaking, the definition: “smoother” encompasses the experience with 11.10 in comparison the “clunky” with 11.04.

One thing that still happens from time to time though is the Unity Dock gets stuck!

I can’t remember if this is default behaviour or not, but my preference is to have my dock auto hide when it “collides” with the active windows that are either maximised or within the collision range of the Dock and man, working with a 17 inch screen, I want that extra real estate.

I searched a few sites and came up with a very basic workaround. This is how it works:

Step 1: Find a draggable icon - There are several ways to do this:

  • You can do this by launching Nautilus (the default file manager for Ubuntu)
  • From the desktop if you have it already open. Short cut key to show your desktop is the key combination: CTRL + ALT + D
    This minimises everything and shows you the desktop – similar to Windows + D on Windows. 
Step 2: Click and Drag ANY Icon over, but do not drop, it on the Unity Dock. I’m talking literally, drag it over the dock for a second or two, don’t release the mouse button then drag it  back out of the Dock.
At this stage, you should now have your Unity Dock working the way it should, if you’ve got it set up to autohide when it’s not being used or is in the way of other windows.
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  1. Jon says:

    Hah awesome, this is exactly what happened to me! Thanks.

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