How to Use Dia in One Window

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Dia is a fantastic Diagram tool that runs natively on linux. With it you can create some very pretty and logical diagrams very quick – if you know what you’re doing. To be honest though, when I had first started it, I hated the fact that it had floating panes everywhere. So I would instead use umbrello since it was a little more polished and was a UML tool.

There were times though that I would like to draw other diagrams:

  • Data flow diagrams
  • Entity Relationship Diagram
  • Flow charts
  • Random ad-hoc diagrams
For this, dia was the perfect tool. But then again I was faced with those floating panes again. I was bothered enough to do a google search and search for the possibility of having a single windowed interface for dia the diagraming tool for the job save for those f*cking floating panes!
As it turns out, it is natively possible! Apparently since 2008! Just goes to show how out of touch I am sometimes.

How do I run Dia in Integrated / single window mode?

easy. Just launch dia with the –integrated option from your terminal.

$ dia –intergrated

Great! Now I can be a lot more effective with Dia.

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  1. Patrick Walmsley says:

    Thanks for the post. However, one correction;

    the command is actually:

    dia –integrated

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