Just when I needed it the most, my weapon of rapid web development goes nuts!

June 18th, 2010 by rvdavid Leave a reply »

Today was an absolute sh*t fight. Starting from an entire morning where after I experienced several crashes with Visual Studio Express, that I thought I’d try the full version.

To do this though, I had to expand my VMWare virtual disk. So a quick:

vmware-vdiskmanager -x 45GB windevxp.vmdk

… and my virtual disk is now 45GBs! – I then had to resize the windows partition. I’ll post more on this straight after this post.

So with that done, I’m set to install Visual Studio, I thought yeah it should take about 5 – 10 miuntes…


The installation took like 2 – 3 hours at least, so there’s a large chunk of my day gone. (Great… F*CK!) At this point though, I didn’t care anymore, I was bitter about the amount of work I’ve lost and the disruption caused by stupid Visual Studio Express randomly crashing! I just wanted the whole thing to be installed and start coding again.

After Visual Studio had finished installing, I start coding again, only to experience RAM shortages on the Virtual Machine I use as my windows development environment!

Luckily though, I had 4GB stick of RAM, which my colleague Neil had organised for me yesterday, comin’ in today. I was just itchin to get my hands on that frickin extra RAM, when it finally came, I threw a party! I installed the RAM, started up my notebook. I start making mental comparisons on how much faster it is now, I’ve got 6 GB of RAM now mother f*ckers! (f*cking yes!).

All this excitement was drained out of me when I launch VM Ware and I receive a Kernel panic! Not even it just rebooted back to the start up screen.

When it rebooted, I find that my EXT4 partition has been mounted as read only. Some digging around dmesg reveals that some deleted inodes were being referenced. Pretty scary. I’ve never run into such problems. A quick google search guides me to some information stating that e2fsck will fix this situation - all I need to do is create a start up disk that i can boot into, then run an e2fsck -v /dev/sda2 (/dev/sda2 is where my corrupt files are).

So I burn a start up CD, run it and used e2fsck to fix my hard disk.

Long story short, important VM ware files are missing… I got no answers to this aside from reinstalling. Absolutely terrible! GRRR!

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  1. I’ve had some weird issues with VMWare on Windows too. It was actually causing bluescreening etc. Now I’m using Virtualbox and so far so good with that :)

    Having lots of RAM does wonders for VM’s tho. Now all you need is a CPU with hardware virtualization – I have that combo and it rocks – the VM’s fly.

    • rvdavid says:

      Damn… tell me about it! I constantly have to deal with my modifier keys getting messed up if I get too keen with switching from guest to host to guest.

      I tried Virtualbox, for some reason, the VM guests don’t perform as well as they do on VMWare.

      Regarding the random crashing, It appears my motherboard was the problem in that it couldn’t handle more than 4GB of ram.

      So I donated my 4GB to my colleague who now has 8GB on his notebook – interestingly enough, his laptop says it only supports up to 4 GB of ram as well.

      We put it down to luck of the chipset draw. Guess I”ll just have to juggle my RAM a little more wisely.

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