Lots of change – A rolling developer gathers no moss.

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Well I must say that the past half a year has been a big change for me. after managing and completing my contribution to a large project – TechJobs (Click here to check it out). I’ve moved on to “other things”.

As much as I’d like to jump for joy when completing a project, I’m trying to keep a business as usual attitude just so that my drive stays consistent and I don’t ‘lax out. Keep “rollin’” with it, so to speak. Deep inside however, I’m elated and proud of what my development team has come up with.

The TechJobs project gave birth to the Cubix I our in-house RAD Framework and gave us LOTS of practice since this was the first web project my team and I had attempted to develop together. With many distractions including the departure of Ben Rowe, the arrival and departure of an out of control marketing strategist, we managed to pull things off suffering a small, but considerable delay.

The “other” things I mentioned ranges from refactoring Cubix I, to launching yet another website. The website being Oz Hardware (Click here to check it out).

Also, some restructuring has been done in the way of teams. Soon, I’ll be moving over to the DevProducts department. A most welcome move as the newly assembled team is keen to get things up and running.

Already we’ve got a few projects lined up and with me I bring Cubix II, a framework which is almost “excalibur-like” :) for lack of a better term. Tried and tested through the TechJobs project, I’ve put the framework on a diet and eliminated bloat. I refactored the Cubix framework into a leaner and meaner RAD.

I feel inspired, and excited about the progression of the development team. I’m looking forward to the rest of the year.

“A rolling developer gathers no moss”


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