The Service Layer Series

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It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but this is not going to be about this topic today. This blog has been the one constant in my development career from when I could sink my teeth in enough into it to be good enough according to my intrinsic metrics to have an opinion (and think it matters) and I intend to keep it going.

As with any autodidactic programmer, I may mix up some concepts. To be quite honest, the more and more I use the Service Layer, the more it looks like an actual extension of the Model Layer than an actual layer that exists in between the model and it’s clients.

As I came up the ranks I’ve noticed that a lot of questions like “where do I go now?” or “is this the right way to go?” often go unanswered and I usually get my answers by people telling me how wrong I am about my theories and that I should consider x, y and z.

The above paragraph is my attempt at inviting you to teach me some new sh*t, so please go ahead and leave feedback. Don’t be shy; I want to exchange ideas with you. Anywho, with that disclaimer out of the way, this post is more an announcement than anything. Just throwing this out there.

I’m starting a new series called the Service Layer Series. In this series, I expand on what my understanding of the service layer is, how I use it and give some practical examples. I’ve written a tonne in the past few months, but I am going to be reviewing my drafts, making corrections if required and posting after a quick QA. This series will cover the following:

  • The Service Layer: How I understand it.
  • The Problem that the Service Layer Tries to solve.
  • The Problems that are inadvertently created.
  • Strategies I use when using the Service Layer
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