How to Find the Best Lawyer DUI Near Me

Is a DUI lawyer necessary? You have had a fun out date with friends, and suddenly, you get stopped on the road by traffic police who say that you are driving under the influence. The first thing that should come to your mind even before arguing with the police is to call a DUI lawyer. It may seem like a small problem, but if you get convicted of DUI, you may end up sleeping in jail or get a hefty penalty. Therefore, a lawyer can help argue your case for a better deal or even prevent you from going to jail. How do you find the best DUI to represent you?

Here are ways to finding the best DUI lawyer near you.


If you don’t have contact with a DUI lawyer near you, the best alternative is to research online. Multiple law firms have a website online for easy access by clients. For example, if you live in Orange country, check out, as they are some of the best DUI law firms in the region.

Don’t just choose the first lawyer who pops up on the feed; instead, do a small background research to know if they are legit.

It is good to check the years the lawyers have been operational and how many cases of DUI they have successfully handled for better results for your case. Also, read through customer reviews of their previous clients to see their experience with that specific lawyer. Was it good, or do you need to research more?


Although some law firms have a variety of lawyers specializing in different case categories, if you are looking for quality and professional representation in a court of law, choose a law firm that only deals with DUI cases. DUI lawyers have mastered the tactics of representing different DUI cases in court, know how to manipulate the questioning to your favor, and can also advise what to say and what to avoid based on your charges. A DUI expert lawyer can advise you if the authorities require penalties or conviction for better mental preparations.

Check their qualifications

A thriving top-notch qualified lawyer guarantees excellent presentation and a high probability of winning in court. It is good to know if the lawyer you are about to hire is suitable. Therefore, check their credentials such as school level, experience, and overall presence of the lawyer in the county. You can find this information online by searching for your lawyer or law firm details at the National Associations of criminal defense lawyers.

Ask for referrals

Getting a reference for a good lawyer from a friend or family member who has been in your situation is a safe way of getting a good lawyer. Your contact has had a one-on-one experience with the lawyer and, hence, knows how the lawyer moves, the charges, and how reliable he is. So, if you have had someone in your situation, ask for their lawyers’ number within your location.


These are some of the best ways to find a DUI lawyer near you. Ask the lawyers questions to gauge their competence and communication skills, as this will affect your relations throughout the case. Please get to know their charges to make sure you can afford them.

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