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Cervical disc replacement or better known as artificial disc replacement where replaces the damaged disc with metal or polymer prosthetic. Injury, age, and spine-related disease is the reason why the spine has suffered deterioration over the years, it usually works by simply making a small slit in the side of the patient’s neck while carefully removing any tissue that might get in the way of the operation then the damaged disc is carefully removed, along with any bone spurs and then the artificial disc is carefully placed and the small incision is closed. As for the patient, he/she must avoid heavy lifting for at least 2 weeks and he/she is only allowed to do light activities to be able to quickly fully recover from the operation.

Most people disregard the importance of taking their spine which is they tend to abuse them by physically stressing out their spine by lifting heavy objects which deteriorates the spine’s overall integrity in the long run. Then there is the constant back pain that occurs after the long hours of sitting which most people tend to leave it behind because it can easily be cured by medicinal patches or ointments all of which are considered to be temporary pain relievers which is why it is very important to consult with a general physician regarding the status of your spine especially if you are older and the backpains have been more frequent and has already affected your daily living. Disregarding the spine can lead to permanent paralysis.

A general check-up of the patient’s spine is necessary because when the cervical disc deteriorates the patient will not be able to move freely and according to his/her will. The disc replacement procedure can be done to patients who wish to have their cervical disc replaced so that they could be able to move more freely and have that peace of mind that their spines will be healthy in the long run. Since the artificial disc is made from highly durable material such as metal or polymer prosthetics that can surely stand the test of time. Overall disc replacement surgery is an important procedure but not everyone can afford it which is why it is better to save some money, in the long run, to be able to get this sort of operation, but all of the investments is going to be worth it because of the health benefits that it can give to the patient.

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