Why SMS Marketing Can Be Effective

If you are a business owner, communicating with your clients or customers should be your top priority. Fortunately, there are you can achieve that in several ways. Communication is the leading and most effective method of marketing. Although most businesses use email marketing and social media, these methods aren’t as effective as the use of SMS. Hence, there has been an increase in SMS marketing in the recent past, supported by several SMS marketing solutions such as textedly. So, why SMS marketing?

Better Engagement

Communication is not just sending messages to your clients. It also involves getting responses. In email marketing, most people don’t open the mail, and some of those that open it, never replay. With SMS marketing, you have a higher chance of getting a pleasant reply depending ho how you crafted the message, with the customer sometimes making a purchase.


SMS marketing platforms normally allow you to distinguish your brand through the use of shortcodes that resonate with your target customers. However, you could also find ways of personalizing your messages to forge a solid connection with your audience or customers.

Direct Communication

SMS is more direct, unlike other methods of marketing like email. You can tell if the message has been delivered, unlike with emails. In text messaging, the delivery is faster and is more likely to get opened. Hence, SMS marketing provides a more direct mode of communication with your customers. This is also because most people nowadays have phones at hand always. Thus, you increase the chances of generating more returns.


Without tracking a marketing campaign, you cannot know whether you’re making any progress. Hence, most SMS marketing platforms like textedly make managing your marketing campaigns easier. They also enable performance tracking to determine if you’re getting favorable returns. Such information can be used in tweaking the marketing strategies to get a better return on investment.


You don’t necessarily want to abandon your other marketing strategies because you’ve adopted SMS marketing. It can be integrated or used with other systems and will still optimally function. SMS marketing platforms can help you whether you need an integrated or a standalone system.


Since it provides immediate results, SMS marketing is more effective. Depending on your needs and goals, you can choose from several available systems, such as Textedly.com. With the platform, you can create a successful SMS marketing campaign to help your business grow.

So, these are some of the reasons why SMS marketing is becoming more popular than other marketing methods. Try it out and see how it works for your business.

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